Dixieland Jazz Club Membership 2019

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Dixeland black and yellow (1).png

Dixieland Jazz Club Membership 2019


Interested in joining the club?

Dixieland Jazz Club is open for members of Rossmoor.  We cannot accept requests for those who do not live in Rossmoor.   

The benefits of joining include:

  • Discounts on Event Tickets
  • Discounts on Holiday Party 
  • Support High School Students Scholarship to Summer Jazz Workshop

Dixieland Jazz Club dues are $30.00 person per year JAN 1 to DEC 31

The Dixieland Jazz Club of Rossmoor is currently accepting Club Memberships from Rossmoor Residents only due to Golden Rain Regulations.

Existing Members--Rossmoor Residents only--may renew their annual membership.

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