September 26, 2018 wednesday 7pm  

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Bill Badstubner - Gold Coast Jazz Band

When it comes to the hot and happy American popular music of the early 20th century, the “jazz age”, one can truly say that every song tells a story, and there’s a story behind every song. Our program for February 22 provides a look into that amazing period of our cultural history through many different musical windows. Ragtime, “jazz”, novelty songs and songs from the stage collectively represent the radical popular music of a time of tumultuous social change in our country. We hope Rossmoor dancers will find the urge to strut their stuff as irresistible as did the young people of the 1920s when they first heard these tunes, and listeners will find the music interesting, engaging and worthy of some serious toe-tapping.

We’ll be telling the stories behind these songs as we go along, while our vocalists let the songs tell their own stories through the lyrics, often clever, witty, naughty, frivolous, serious and romantic. The Time Machine is now boarding at the Event Center…

October 24, 2018   Wednesday  7 pm  

Rich Owens - Thrown Together Jazz Band

The Thrown Together Jazz Band first played during the previous decade when brother-in-law Jim Gould asked me to assemble a group to entertain at his annual De Anza Lions charity crab feed in the southern SF Bay Area. I chose a bunch of good friends that I have enjoyed playing with over the years in various bands. These guys can play just about any style you can name, But, we have primarily focused on traditional jazz. You'll hear some good dance music: jazz, swing, blues, ballads, and Latins. We don't work from arrangements. It's primarily spontaneous.  We just listen and play from the heart. We have fun, share some laughs, and enjoy each other's company. And the audience gets to participate. The following characters will be playing for your musical enjoyment.

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November 14, 2018   Wednesday 7pm

Jim O’Briant and the Zinfandel Stompers Vintage Jazz Band

The Zinfandel Stompers Vintage Jazz Band has been together, with no changes in personnel, for nearly 11 years. The group first came together in April of 2007; Don Abel (Cornet), Eric Siverson (Reeds & Vocals), Howard Miyata (Trombone, Baritone & Vocals), Patrick Dutrow (Banjo, Guitar and Vocals), and Jim O’Briant (Tuba & Leader), and Rich Owens (Piano).

The Zinfandel Stompers have played venues from Carmel Valley to Gilroy to Plymouth, CA. They have played at the Cline Cellars Wine & Jazz Festival, and (on stage with The Pacific Brass Band) at Dixieland Monterey’s Jazz Bash by the Bay. They’ve played multiple engagements at most of the area’s jazz societies, including the Monterey Hot Jazz Society, the New Orleans Jazz Club or Northern California, the South Bay Traditional Jazz Society, the Modesto Dixieland Society, and the Rossmoor Dixieland Jazz Club.

The band’s repertoire also includes special arrangements for Traditional Jazz Band backed by a concert band, a British brass band or a symphony orchestra.  You can look forward to hearing an eclectic mix of music from the early 1900’s into the 1930’s, both “standards” that are in most bands’ repertoire, and a lot of lesser known tunes that deserve to be heard more.

November 20, 2018 3pm & 7pm

Grace Presbyterian, Walnut Creek

Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi




Two completely different performances!

 Stephanie and Paolo recently released their latest album, Broadway and More, which is their first CD on two pianos. These two concerts will be a journey through the intriguing history of songwriting and the varied and rich repertoire of American popular music, from Broadway musicals to Hollywood film productions, drawing from the repertoire of Tin Pan Alley and the Great American Songbook as well. Stephanie and Paolo will also include some popular songs from England and Italy.

“We have always been fascinated by the ways in which this repertoire has originated, as well as by the winding course it has taken through Broadway, Tin Pan Alley, Hollywood, the recording industry, and the jazz world. The path of a successful song is unique and unpredictable: for example, a tune might initially be published on Tin Pan Alley, then included in a Broadway musical (which afterwards might be converted into a Hollywood movie), and recorded by jazz artists and later on by pop bands, as well as translated into different languages and used in advertisements. Successful melodies have a life of their own and in some cases even exceed the expectations of the composer. We truly enjoyed working on this album and are delighted to present our two-piano versions of songs from the extraordinarily vast repertoire of popular music!” – Stephanie and Paolo

December 12, 2018    Wednesday  7 pm

Ken Keeler - Devil Mountain Jazz Band

DEVIL MOUNTAIN JAZZ BAND continues to develop their multi-style approach to preserving the popular music of the late 1800's through the early 1930's, and the west coast revival jazz of the 1940's.  The eight piece band is best known for the two trumpet sounds of theJoe Oliver and Lu Watters bands and the orchestrated "hot dance" music of the late twenties.   You'll also hear DMJB perform ragtime,  blues,  "Dixieland"  standards, gospel and novelty tunes,   an occasional duck-call by Pete Main, Tom recreating many tunes by Bing Crosby,  and Ken's "Country Cross-over." At this concert we'll include some Christmas classics.

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